Co-location & Room & Accommodation & Accommodation in exchange for Services

"Housing for services" is an alternative type of rental allowing a landlord or a tenant (with the agreement of its owner), to make available all or part of his housing free of charge for services rendered such as: Home Sitting, Home Helpers, Baby Sitting, DIY work, Pet Sitting, Daycare, Night Care, Childcare, Seniors Care, Handicapped Persons, Property Guarding, Gardening , Household & Shopping, School Outings, School Support.

Whether you are: Solo Dad, Solo Mom, Single or Divorced Fathers or Mothers, Seniors, Elderly or Disabled, Students or Retirees, whether you need help and services or enjoy free or moderate rent, come share the same roof on the rental site for service where the know-how of some is traded with the accommodation of others.

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