About us

ToitChezMoi is a French team, ready to help you with ToitChezMoi.

It all started when ...

Marie Mahé, an entrepreneur and mother of four children, faced with the difficulties of finding a trustworthy person to take care of her youngest daughter in her absence, had the idea of offering a room in exchange for services.

She started from the fact that there is both a growing number of owners and tenants with a spare room who need a service and people, students or employees who have skills and wish to share them in exchange for accommodation.

The simple idea is to put them in contact!

What is ToitChezMoi?

In 2015, Marie Mahé launched ToitChezMoi, the first collaborative economy platform.

Today’s leader in housing in exchange for services, ToitChezMoi connects Hosts who have a room available and a need for services for themselves or their loved ones (math lessons, school support, babysitting, odd jobs, etc.) with Solidarity Travelers who have skills to exchange for housing.

Free, simple and fast:
everything happens online!

The Host places an ad and fills in the fields describing the room and its service requirements. His ad is then visible to all Travelers.
The Traveler posts an ad highlighting his skills, his ad is visible to all Host members of the platform.

By taking a Premium offer, the Host and the Traveler can contact the members registered on ToitChezMoi and search for accommodations or services offered in their city.
It is a win-win exchange, which in addition to the moments of conviviality shared, offers complementary services to each.

Today, the strength of ToitChezMoi lies in a demanding moderation and a constant improvement of the site establishing trust and making our community of users grow.

Dare to exchange.
Live the sharing.

In practice

The offer

ToitChezMoi is aimed at individuals with unmet needs in terms of services or housing.

The platform allows :

  • Hosts to benefit from a service that they could not otherwise afford;
  • Solidarity Travelers to obtain a free room or accommodation.

ToitChezMoi offers to accompany its members and to legally limit their relations with its legal partners.

The services

On ToitChezMoi, three types of services are possible:

  • Learning services (homework help, music, computer classes, drawing, etc.)
  • Daily services (childcare, gardening, shopping, presence, etc.)
  • Short-term services (repairs, maintenance work, etc.)

ToitChezMoi to the future!

ToitChezMoi is a pure “Made in France” product, with offices in Strasbourg, in the heart of Europe.
Our projects are numerous and our ambitions are international, but we remain a young and dedicated team, anxious to make the service evolve towards ever more efficiency and innovation, for ever more sharing of accommodation in exchange for service.