The ToitChezMoi Ethical Pact

Find the ethical pact that you agree to respect by registering on the platform.

What is the ethical pact?

In addition to respecting the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the ToitChezMoi platform, Travelers and Hosts agree to respect the rules of our Ethical Pact.
These rules guarantee the safest possible experience for ToitChezMoi users.
At ToitChezMoi, we strive to provide a safe community based on trust.

Any abuse brought to our attention will be subject to intervention by us or, if necessary, the relevant authorities.

Any advertisement containing a request or a proposal of sexual services in exchange of accommodation is automatically banned from the platform.

We ask that you do not :

→ Violate any applicable local, provincial, national, international or other laws or regulations, or any court order, including but not limited to development restrictions and tax regulations
→ Practicing violence towards oneself or others, endangerment and threats towards others
→ Robbery, vandalism or extortion
→ Carry out Spam, Phishing or fraud
→ Invade the privacy of others or infringe on intellectual property rights
→ Engage in discriminatory behavior or hate speech
→ Use bullying and/or harassment
→ Open more than one ToitChezMoi Account or open a ToitChezMoi Account on behalf of someone other than yourself

Thank you for :

→ Respect the terms of any agreement put in place between Host and Solidarity Traveller
→ Stay discreet about what you say to these same people
→ Be responsive when communicating with your contacts, do not leave messages unanswered

Simple rules, for the respect of all.


We ask that you do not:

  • Offer any accommodation that cannot be rented or sublet in accordance with the terms of a contract with a third party, including, without limitation, a property rental agreement;
  • Contacting a Traveler for any purpose other than to ask a question about a reservation or their use of the Site, the Application and the Services;
  • Misrepresent yourself or your home;
  • Offer uninhabitable housing (without running water or electricity for example);
  • Offer any accommodations that you do not own or have the authority to rent as a residence or other type of property (without limiting the foregoing, you will not post an Advertisement for Accommodations as a Host if you are acting as a real estate or other type of agent for a third party).

Thank you for:

  • To publish an advertisement in accordance with the reality of the proposed accommodation;
  • Respect the Solidarity Travelers;
  • Update your ads and your schedule as much as possible.

Solidarity Travelers

We ask that you do not :

  • Contacting a Host for any purpose other than to ask about a reservation or about that Host’s accommodations or listings;
  • Apply for a listing with a price that you do not intend to pay;
  • Disturbing the neighborhood;
  • Requesting or booking a stay in an accommodation when you will not actually be staying there yourself;
  • Misrepresenting yourself.

Thank you for:

  • Respect the confidentiality of the tasks and requests for services that are entrusted to you;
  • Respect the places and people with whom you will have to exchange and share the premises;
  • Fill in your profile correctly;
  • Only make requests to be put in contact with people if you are genuinely interested in the owner’s ad;
  • Carry out only tasks for which you have “recognized” experience, in a field of activity where you have already been able to put yourself forward to gain personal experience.

Our moderation team checks before publication and can modify or delete an ad or description in the following cases:

  • Non anonymous ad
  • Comment unrelated to the purpose of the site
  • Comment containing racist, xenophobic, defamatory, denigrating or insulting remarks
  • And more generally any ad whose content would be contrary to the laws and good morals

The ethical charter of ToitChezMoi


The present charter defines the terms of use of the TOITCHEZMOI platform.
The site allows the online consultation of information and data on the TOITCHEZMOI platform as well as access to various services such as internal messaging. Access to some of the data and services may be restricted or even reserved for certain types of users.

Definition of user: any person browsing the platform, whether a Host (person offering accommodation in exchange for services) or a Solidarity Traveler (person looking for accommodation in exchange for a few hours of services) is considered a user.


By using the TOITCHEZMOI platform, the user agrees to respect the conditions of use and navigation defined in the present charter. The charter can be modified at any time by the editor without prior notice, it is up to the user of the site to consult it regularly. The user is deemed to have accepted the latest version at each new connection to the site. Any connection to the site is subject to the respect of the present charter.


All nudity and sexual content are banned from this platform.

Any user trying to obtain private information for a fraudulent or illegal act will have their account and ad deleted.

Any user writing sexist or racist comments will have their account and ad deleted.

Any user making repeated and malicious calls or sms with or without verbal, physical or psychological violence will have this act considered as harassment and will have their account and their ad deleted.

  • As a reminder: Telephone harassment is a criminal offence for which the perpetrator can be sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and a €15,000 fine. This penalty can be combined with other criminal sanctions when the content of the malicious calls is racist or constitutes threats.

Users who exchange financial information (bank account information or online payments) in order to receive money from another user will also be banned from the platform (account and ad deleted).

Promoting or advocating the sale of sexual services, human trafficking, or non-consensual sexual acts is strictly prohibited, and will result in account deletion.

Any user who has been banned from the platform is prohibited from recreating an account, under penalty of having the new account deleted.

TOITCHEZMOI reserves the right to exclude and ban without notice the account of the user concerned.

Interaction with the technical team

In any communication with our platform representatives, who can be reached by phone or at, you agree to be respectful and kind in your comments. If we find that your behavior towards one of our representatives or any other person is at any time threatening, abusive, derogatory or rude, we reserve the right not to respond to your request or to delete your account.

Any user making untimely or masked and repetitive calls, as part of an abusive commercial canvassing, (Hamon law) are liable to a fine of 3,000 euros for a natural person and 15,000 euros if it is a legal entity or if it is a telephone harassment of an offence punishable by one year imprisonment, and 15,000 euros fine.

Respect of the laws

The user agrees not to violate any law or regulation. In particular, the following are prohibited, under penalty, if applicable, of criminal sanctions

  • infringement of the privacy of others (naming of third parties without their explicit consent). In this context, the sending of unsolicited electronic messages to users of the site is prohibited;
  • defamation and insult;
  • incitement to crimes and offences and incitement to suicide, incitement to discrimination, hatred, particularly racial, or violence;
  • the apology of all crimes, in particular murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity; the denial of crimes against humanity;
  • advertising or messages or content of any kind whatsoever for commercial purposes;


Your information should not make your profile impersonal: the information requested (motivations, description of the need or accommodation…) ensures a better compatibility between the trained users. This includes fake or inactive profiles.
While the ToitChezMoi platform encourages a respectful experience through the connection between its users, we are not responsible for the conduct of said users within or outside the platform.

You agree to be careful⋅e in your interactions, especially when you decide to interact outside of the platform and meet with the person(s) you have been connected with.

We advise you not to provide any financial information (banks, online transfer via a platform – PayPal etc.).

It is also best not to provide mailing addresses, and not to exchange IDs on the platform, until you have established a trusting relationship.

If a request seems unusual, please ask a member of our team for advice at

We strongly encourage you to report any behavior that violates our policy and to read our safety tips.

Activities outside the platform

The platform ToitChezMoi assumes no responsibility for the conduct of a user through or outside the platform.

If you create discussion spaces outside the platform (Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups, etc.), you are also responsible for them.

Meeting Responsibilities:

  • it is entirely up to each user to verify the identity of the people with whom he or she is arranging a meeting.
  • the actual meetings between users are under their sole responsibility.
  • the responsibility of the platform ToitChezMoi will not be sought for acts and problems, whatever their nature, committed or caused by the users and/or former users following the use of the platform.

Rules to follow for the organization of public meetings:

  • It is best if your first meeting takes place in a public place with lots of people. It is also best to tell someone close to you about your date.
  • Only propose real and easy-to-access meetings.
  • Only offer meetings in safe and lawful places.


The ToitChezMoi platform cannot carry out any systematic verification of its users, neither the criminal background nor any other background.

The ToitChezMoi platform reserves the right to delete the account of a reported user whose behavior has been reported by law enforcement or following a complaint from another user.

The administrators of ToitChezMoi reserve the right to conduct audits at any time, using publicly available records.

The platform ToitChezMoi is not responsible for:

  • Illegal behavior by users on or off the platform.
  • Litigious content from users on or off the platform.
  • Dating on the part of users on the platform and outside.

The team behind the RoofMeat platform provides the platform and its functionality as is, and as available. It makes no warranty of any kind that the Platform and its functionality will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free, or that any content or information you obtain through the Platform will be accurate.

The roofMeat platform or its team does not assume any responsibility for your or any user’s conduct on or off the platform.

Respect for computer integrity and security

The user undertakes to respect the regulations in force concerning computer fraud, and as such, to refrain from attempting to intrude into an automated data processing system or to alter, in whole or in part, the elements it contains. The user is informed that such acts are punishable by law. It is also up to the user not to transmit elements containing viruses, to use the site for any malicious action such as hacking or other hacking.

One person, one account

It is preferable to create only one account on ToitChezMoi, and if an account is no longer used, it is advisable to delete it, so as not to use storage space unnecessarily.

Links to other sites

The links proposed to sites external to the ToitChezMoi platform do not engage the responsibility of the ToitChezMoi platform or its team as to their content and their access conditions. Such links do not constitute a recommendation or validation of the sites in question or their content.

Your safety.
Our priority.