Safety guide

Here are some advice and information to navigate safely and in peace of mind on ToitChezMoi.

Security measures against COVID-19

We ask our host to disinfect common living areas and traveler’s spaces before their arrival.

Wash your hands regularly and isolate yourself if you are infected.

Give preference to telephone or videoconference contacts as a first step.

Meet safely.

Our advice to avoid scams:

We do everything to prevent housing fraud and other scams, so that you can book accommodation safely: checking the identity of hosts and travelers, checking advertisements and proof of accommodation, validation of registrations by our team.

However, in order to guarantee your security and the integrity of your personal information, here are some rules of use on this page.

Discuss safety with the integrated ToitChezMoi messaging system

Our team is here to ensure the security of your exchanges thanks to the ToitChezMoi messaging system integrated directly into the platform.

Be careful when a user asks for your email or phone.

Spot a fraudulent housing ad


The host asks for planned amounts in addition to the service

Payment request by unusual means (transfer to an account abroad for example)

– Any request involving a large sum of money from the owner


– The host ask you an inappropriate service or something unclear.

– The host is behaving unusually, refusing to respond, to send more photos, etc

The ad is too perfect, or on the other hand full of mistakes and presents no photos


When you have a doubt ?
Follow our advices presented below

If you are unsure of the honesty of the person you are talking to, contact us : or on our Contact page.

We ensure its integrity and, if necessary, we will take the necessary actions.

Your security.
Our priority.

Check the reliability

You are not yet in contact

  • Compare the prices with other ads of the same type, if the host asks for rent
  • Ask for additional information, photos
  • Use Google Street View or other online tools to make sure that the address of the ad exists
  • Report the ad directly to us using the “Report” button on each ad.

You are already in contact with us

  • Chat with the owner via messaging and / or phone
  • Ask for additional information and photos to make sure the accommodation exists
  • Consult specialized web sites and plateforms
  • Contact us and explain your doubts to our teams in order for us to find a solution together

Our ethics and safety charter

Do not hesitate to consult our ethics charter.
All members undertake to respect the ethical rules which appear therein.