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Store near your home with a private individual, it’s less expensive.

Find a professional accommodation on KeeSeeK, the mobility solution for companies.

Cadenia, web agency in Strasbourg. Partner of ToitChezMoi, for the realization of the platform.

1st free site of exchange of services between private individuals, where each of the advertisements are checked, then validated humanly.

With 60,000 benefits available in 35 countries, the European Youth Card is the new key to travel while enjoying a maximum of good deals.

1st network of mutual aid and exchange of services between individuals. Bartering services is easy and free to consume smart and save money.

The number one application for simple and secure photo inspections.

Horizon Assurances – XLAssurances insures your rental. Whether you own an apartment (furnished or not).

StudentJob connects companies with the best candidates looking for an internship, a student job, a work-study program, a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract.

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