Why housing for services?

Housing in exchange for services benifits to everyone, let us explain.

You need home help:

– You are a single parent and sometimes it’s hard for you to reconcile your professional and personal life– your budget is limited, you can’t possibly afford a nanny or a baby-sitter?
Your parents are in a situation of dependency, and you do not have the time to bring the the help they need eveyday, nor the budget necessary to offer the services if someone?
You would like your youngest to go to engineering school despite her math deficits. But you can’t afford to pay him a private tutor because you still have 4 other mouths to feed … And you yourself don’t understand any of these calculations?
– You have fallen for the face of this little cat who has joined your life. But on every business trip and weekend with the family, and it’s difficult to find someone to keep it ?

Think of you first !

The current crisis has made us superheroes: with reduced purchasing power, we compete in inventiveness (and motivation) to be able to be everywhere at the same time and play the role of the model parent, the caring son as well as the employee of the month.

Be careful, burnout is waiting for you! How about taking some time for yourself?

You may not know it, but the spare room you have in your home may be the solution to your problems. Indeed, why not rent it in exchange for the services of a babysitter, a private teacher, or a home help?

On the ToitChezMoi platform, hundreds of people have already chosen to engage in housing against service.

Why not you ?

Finding accommodation within your budget is now possible.

Its a hassle to find accommodation worthy of the name, accommodation that does not burden your budget.

Have you ever thought of a trade ? Offering a free housing in exchange for any services ? As a person seeking a room you certainly have skillsthat you can offer for a low rent, even free ! Staying with locals for free is the trend of recent years.

Housing for services is not just intergenerational with seniors.
Active 30s, like your cousin or older sister, are looking for someone to help with housework or with errands.
And what about the growing number of single-parent families who are torn between their roles as parents and their full-time jobs. They need help like a babysitter or a private tutor.

So if you have skills in any area, don’t hesitate and sign up as a traveler on our website « ToitChezMoi »


Get back to sport, with a personal trainer

Coaching is fashionable : slimming, well-being, personal and professional development, sport, makeover… There is something for all tastes and desires, but not for all budgets.

To afford the services of a personal trainer, you will have to pay at least € 50 per hour… and again, at that price, it’s a safe bet that the session will be done on ligne!

There you have it, you need a change: your life and your job no longer suit you and you want to change your mind. Before rushing to the first low cost personal coaching service that will appear in your Google search, consider a housing for service.

And yes : you might have a bedroom in your home, an unused room that someone might like. Why not offer it in exchange for the services for a personal trainer ?

You too, join the ToitChezMoi community and offer your accommodation in exchange for services !

We all have something to gain from this, so don't hesitate !