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Discover prices adapted to all budgets and all needs.
Finding accommodation in exchange for services has never been easier.
ToitChezMoi is the leader in the barter of housing in exchange for services, a service where the expertise of some is exchanged with the accommodation of others. Serious and qualitative, ToitChezMoi is aimed at all people wishing to find a solution to their needs.
Accommodation fees are no longer the matter when the exchange of service is based on mutual aid and the pleasure of sharing.

Dare to exchange.
Live the sharing.

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Every month we set up special offers for former Premium members who wish to renew their subscription.
We put forward a Solidarity Traveler and a Host per city in order to offer him even more visibility.

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You thus have the possibility of discovering all the functionalities of the site and you can complete your profile and your advertisement.
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Register for free as well as when it comes to complete your profile and your ad, the latter does not commit you in any way. Our only goal being is to give you an overview of the site so that you can find out if our platform is the right one for you.

A price range to meet all needs

On ToitChezMoi, the prices are decreasing. This means that the more you choose a long term package, the more the price per month will decrease.
To get started on the ToitChezMoi home exchange service, don’t hesitate to register today! Our customer service remains at your disposal for any possible questions, either about our prices and packages as about the use of the site.