The Golden Rules of Cohabitation

Living together is special, discover the golden rules so that your cohabitation takes place in the best conditions.

So that cohabitation takes place in the best conditions:

1. Respect the terms of the contract

You have agreed on a set of rules, to define what each will bring to the other.
Better, you have made a contract, allowing you to legally limit your relationship.
Now respect the terms of this contract, so your relationship will be perfect and you will avoid the unforeseen !

2. Respect the property of others

It is one of the most important laws of community living.
Daily maintenance of common rooms by each user lightens the burden of household chores.
Leaving your personal space in disorder is a legitimate right (some find a certain consistency in it), but for common environments, a special effort must be made to avoid tensions.

3. No need to share your bad mood to others

Sometimes the whole world is mad at you and it undermines you. So, in return, you want to show the rest of the world that you’re in a bad mood. Be careful, this isn’t good.
Rather than creating a disagreeable atmosphere, take advantage of their presence to chat with them and take your mind off things: you will see, it will be better for everyone.

4. Notify your hosts in the event of "abnormal" activity

An improvised evening with your work colleagues, belotte tournament, zumba lessons at home with your favorite sports coach… Here is a nice program !
Only downside: your crazy evenings fall just when your host has decided to have a calm evening in pajamas ready to watch his favorite TV show. Avoid starting a war when you both live under the same roof, talk about it before

5. Respect the needs and pace of life of others

Working remotely, staggered hours, half-time : remember to respect the rhythm of life of others!

For example, avoid watching movies with the speakers at full blast during the day if know your cohabitation partner works at night or at home.
Avoid problems upstream by finding out about the pace of life of your potential cohabitation partners: when and how do they work? Are they smokers? Do they have pets ? Are they people who like to party?

Finding a good Host or Traveler is like looking for a soul mate : your profiles must be compatible. 

6. Everyone has their own room : Therefore, respect everyone's privacy

Ideally, each room should be able to be locked: remember to install locks if that’s not your case.
Just because you live in the same house that your cohabitation partner’s room is your territory: knock before entering, and don’t take advantage of their absence to enter their room.

7. Give time to you both (yes, like a couple)

The advantage of being in cohabitation means that you are no longer alone. We encourage you to be curious and take the opportunity to get to know each other.
Spend one evening together a week: cook a meal together, go out for a drink, go to the movie theater etc.
There is a good chance that you will become friends later.

8. Discuss in the event of a problem

Living together is not always an easy task: if your cohabitation partner’s behavior leaves something to be desired, talk to them right away before the situation escalates.

9. Organise yourself

Do not invade the personal space of your hosts by distributing your things all over the place, it is a habit that can quickly become unbearable.
Also, remember to clear your plate after eating.

10. Be united, stay together and offer your help.

Busy working days, illnesses, family problems: living in cohabitation also means being able to count on each other.

Your security. Our priority.

Do not hesitate to consult our safety guide.
Here are some advice and information to navigate safely and in peace of mind.