Services to exchange for accommodation

Discover all the services you can offer in exchange for accommodation

Housing for services

Small services rendered in exchange for rent, that’s the principle of “housing for services” by ToitChezMoi. We put in contact Guests who have a room available in their home, in exchange for a helping hand, and Solidarity Travelers who are looking for cheap accommodation and ready to help.

Whether it’s math lessons, daily services (babysitting, shopping, cleaning, etc.) or outdoor work (paving the terrace of a vacation home, for example). There is something for everyone!

Services, yes, but which ones?

School Support

Geometry has no secrets for you? Do you know all the capitals of the world? Are you fluent in another language? Do you know who the president of Mexico is? Show off your skills by trading them for a room.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You like to have everything in its place? And like to help with the cleaning? Offer your services in exchange for accommodation.

Small repairs

Do you like to tinker? Do you like to paint? Can you tell the difference between a hammer and a wrench? Exchange your help for a room in a house.


Have you babysat your 3 and 7 year old cousins several times? You like to do activities with the youngest? Get babysitting in exchange for housing.

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House sitting

You know how to manage a house? You want the use of an apartment without having an excessive rent? Think about Homesitting.

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Pet sitting

You love animals and you enjoy taking care of them? Your passion can allow you to find an accommodation thanks to the rent against service.

Help for seniors

You are cheerful, helpful and you like the company of seniors? Offer your services as a companion and take advantage of an intergenerational sharing arrangement that will benefit you and your host.

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Computer and Administrative

You like to file and archive documents, you regularly use word processing tools, email, but above all you respect the privacy of others. Make the most of your skills and offer your services in exchange for a place to stay.

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