Intergenerational roommate

Discover the new generation of Intergenerational Colocation, it benefits everyone.

Staying with a senior, for free or moderate rent, everyone wins.

First of all, housing or intergenerational housing. It designates a set of housing designed to accommodate different generations. Like students, families, and the elderly.

Then, the intergenerational roommate, or senior roommate. This consists of offering young people, students or apprentices a room against a presence or a service with one or more seniors.

Finally, intergenerational cohabitation consists of accommodating different generations under one roof. Usually one or more elderly people welcome another person, whether a student, employee or other, free of charge or for a moderate rent, in return for various services rendered. For example offering a presence or listening but also helping with gardening or small jobs & crafts.

Intergenerational housing,
new generation.

Senior advantages :

  • Being able to stay at home, offering greater autonomy :
  • Reduce your isolation and loneliness, especially at night :
  • Delay placement in a retirement home via home support :
  • Reassure the senior’s family by the benevolent presence of the student.

Benefits for everyone :

  • Find accommodation more easily, usually close to all amenities and public transport
  • Pay your rent less or benefit from free accommodation thanks to the services provided
  • Benefit from calm while having company and rich and friendly exchanges
  • Have the opportunity to work in parallel.

Housing against services for seniors

If you choose the Accommodation versus Services option, consider signing an au pair employee agreement or contract clearly specifying what each is committed to.

On the one hand, the elderly person, Host must provide an independent room with the required comfort entirely reserved for the guest.
On the other hand, the student or traveler agrees on the hours and days of presence, any services, the price of the room or charges. Host and host must above all share a state of mind: values of conviviality and solidarity which make the success of the package.


Are you over 60?
Think of Intergenerational Solidarity Cohabitation

What is it exactly ?

It means sharing part of your apartment, house or home with a young person under the age of 30. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to strengthen social ties and also to facilitate access to housing for young people.

Young people who have little financial means but enough to participate in paying a small rent and the desire to share, everyone wins on ToitChezMoi!