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The insurance partner of ToitChezMoi, housing in exchange of services.

Horizon Assurances - XLAssurances:
2 formulas to ensure the temporary rental


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In order to reassure the tenants, ToitChezMoi proposes to subscribe an insurance at the time of the inscription: the Civil Responsibility Renting of Horizon Assurances – XLAssurances.

You are covered from the moment you move in until you leave. The tenant, his or her spouse and all identified persons who occupy the dwelling are protected by it.

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Service details

L'assurance couvre :

Damage to the owner’s property for which the tenant could be held responsible.

For example during a fire, an explosion, a freezing or a water damage.

The financial consequences, loss of rent or deprivation of use suffered by the owner are also covered. But also the fees of experts, travel expenses, relocation and rehousing made essential following a covered disaster.

How much?

Up to 1.5 M€.

The guarantee also applies in case of responsibility of the tenant for the material damage caused to the neighbors and third parties; up to 450.000€ all damages included.

Finally, the insurance can provide coverage for all accidental damage caused to property inside the dwelling.

Horizon Assurances is also:


More and more, landlords are demanding insurance as soon as they move in. ToitChezMoi proposes through its partner xlassurances.com a home insurance for temporary furnished rentals.

The guarantee is acquired as soon as you enter the premises and stops automatically when you leave. You only pay for the duration of your stay. The guarantee concerns the tenant, his spouse and all the people who will occupy the accommodation and who have been identified.

You are covered against all risks, fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, glass breakage… You also have a rental liability insurance. You subscribe directly online and receive your insurance certificate from date to date.