Cohabitation between women

Women who live among them in complete safety.

Some women now prefer to live only among themselves.

The rise of divorces and separations of all kinds has pushed more than 10 million people to live alone. Moreover, women, very often mothers of a single parent family, are much more often affected. They number 6 million compared to 4 million men.

Living alone, which implies without a man, can be a choice for those who no longer want a married life strictly speaking. These women make the choice to lead the life of a Single Mother.

However, others wish Partager leur Toit (to Share their Rooftop) with another person. Recreate a family atmosphere with another Woman, who can also have children, for economic reasons but also to break the isolation.

The advantages of living with women

Athletes, fans of exhibitions or photos, they are not looking for a man to fill an emotional gap. Simply a person who could share the little daily pleasures. They find it pleasant to share moments with girlfriends or to be understood by a female person who often encounters the same difficulties or simply wish to share outings.

On the traveler side, it is more reassuring for parents and loved ones. If the other woman is a young Student, it is good to know that she shares her living space with a single woman with or a woman who does not have any child.

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Dare to exchange.
Live the sharing.