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London is attractive, it has that face that makes you want to go there but above all makes you want to go back there!
There are always 1001 things to do in the streets of the city, from the West End to Mayfair, shopping, relaxation or culture. This attractiveness also involves other basic actions and achievements relating to cleanliness, safety, openness to others, availability, efficient public transport, etc.... London is able to achieve excellent results in all of these fields. The stores opening on Sundays is also an important asset in terms of attractiveness. Sunday and late evening too. After a show, it is still possible to shop until 11pm in several stores. It's simple but it's also one of the reasons that makes you feel good in London : the city is convenient !
Huge progress have been made in the quality and cost of living over the past ten years. English food has become one of the world's most famous food under the leadership of chiefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Michel Roux Jr, Raymond Blanc or Jamie Oliver.


Subway : 11 lines. The subway starts at 5am from Monday to Friday. The Central, Victoria, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines are opened all night long on Friday and Saturday. The last subway stops between 11pm and 1am.
Be careful : the last trains on Sunday evening run earlier than during the week.
The London Underground has a reputation for being a little more difficult to use, because from the same platform there are subways going in different directions.

Buses : The bus is cheaper and much nicer than the subway.
London's bus network has almost 400 lines and more than 15,000 stops.
The schedules and frequencies of day buses depend on the line and the day. Such as the subway, the main lines are generally operational between 5am and midnight.

Air Trains : The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and Overground
They operate from Bank or Tower Gateway (near Tower Hill Station). DLR tickets + Rail River Rover boat allow you to enjoy the Thames at the same time.
The Overground, in orange on the map, an open and almost suspended line, serves East London, the far North and runs eastwards.

Boats :You can take the boat as you take the bus... In fact, the principle exists for a long time, since several companies offered to take you to the Thames, while dropping you down at the base of each monument or site. What is changing a little today is that several of them have decided to move closer to London transport and offer quite attractive rates.

Cycling : If you like cycling, you will be charmed by the City Bike network in London. There are no less than 10,000 self-service bicycles available for hire 24 hours a day and at least one docking station every 300 to 500 metres.
To rent a bike, you just have to pay by credit and/or debit card the service access fee (valid for 24 hours) and the rental fee.

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accommodation in London

With its huge attractiveness linked to its cultural life and its unique labour market, London makes you dream, but accommodations are not necessarily easy to find.
Renting for services is an ideal solution for settle in London. This type of offer allows you to live in the home of an owner by paying a lower rent, or even no rent at all, in exchange of services (babysitting, pet care, private lessons, etc).
By combining social ties and economies, this housing formula attracts many students, young working people who will be able to discover London life without breaking their wallet.

Where can I find an accommodation in exchange of service in London ?

On ToitChezMoi, you can find the ideal ad for housing in exchange of services in London.
Registration is free and you can find all accommodation in London and its region, updated daily and contact the chosen one.
ToitChezMoi connects Applicants and Hosts from the London region who want to try the experience of accommodation in exchange of services.

How does it work ?

A London Host makes part of his apartment available to an Applicant, not in return for rent, but in exchange of services.
First, it is necessary to clearly determine the accommodation conditions and the services required in return of explicit specifications (number of weekly working hours)..

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  • Tourism in Great Britain
  • Visitor Guide
  • Emergencies (medical / fire / police): : 112 ou 999
  • Police contact (excluding emergencies): 101
  • Medical information (excluding emergencies) : 111