Premium Solidarity Travelers packages

Discover the advantages and benefits of the Premium offer as a Solidarity Traveler.

Solidarity Travelers packages

Our Premium offers allow you to contact (and be contacted by) all Hosts registered on ToitChezMoi.
Without a Premium account, you can only contact Hosts who themselves have a Premium account.

Our Premium plans are NOT automatically renewed.
So, no surprises, you are free to subscribe to it during the periods that interest you!
(You must log into your personal account in order to subscribe to a Premium plan


  • Contact premium members
  • Access to customer service

Premium advantages

Offer Free Premium

Share your contact details directly with other members

See who has added you to their favorites

Communicate with all members

Multiply your chances of finding accommodation or assistance by 10

Benefit from an official au pair employee contract

Contact Premium Members

Access to Customer Service

Let's share together.