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Berlin, the capital of reunified Germany, is a meeting point for connected youth and European artists.
A city full of history, with a unique cultural eclecticism and an abundant nightlife, it has omnipresent green spaces. Its generous culinary offer and incredibly low cost of living make it a very desirable city.
If it is now very attractive, it is also due to the free tuition for students from an EU Member State and the average cost of rent (500 euros for a studio), and to its large community of foreign students (they represent 15% of the students at the Free University of Berlin).
It has become the temple of cool in Europe and continues to attract 23,000 French citizens.


Subway and Local Train : The S-Bahn and U-Bahn are very well combined to allow you to move quickly every day around the city.
They operate from 4am to 1am during the week. There is no gate to access the platforms, but it is necessary to compost before boarding a train

Buses : Buses operate from 4:30 am to 12:30 am, then night buses take over at a more frequent frequency. The Metrobuses (M) operate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
By day and by night, it is mandatory to present your ticket to the driver.
Night buses (frequent and very numerous) operate at normal tariffs, but they often have special routes (map available in U-Bahn stations). Their line numbers are preceded by an N (Nacht-bus).
As for those preceded by an X (Expressbus), they rarely stop (justifying their name). This is the case with the bus to Tegel airport.

Boats : The river network on the Spree and Havel is very developed; more than thirty stations between Brandenburg in the west and Bad Saarow in the east. Everything is possible, from simple trips to day trips.
For example, you can contact Stern Kreisschiffahrt, or Reederei Riedel, which offers a variety of daily walks on the Spree, the Landwehr Canal and through historic Berlin. Audiophone in English. Departures from 10am from Hansabrücke, Moltkebrücke and Corneliusbrücke.

Cycling : An economical and ecological means of transport, the bicycle is particularly appreciated by Berliners. In some neighborhoods, you can see them everywhere! Many bicycle paths have been built. Designed on the sidewalks, these tracks are exclusively reserved for cyclists
Pedestrians, be careful ! There are more and more accidents, sometimes fatal, which worries the Berliners themselves

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accomodation in Berlin

With its great attractiveness linked to its cultural life and its unique labour market, Berlin makes people dream.
But housing is not necessarily easy to find. Renting for services is an ideal solution for setting up in Berlin.
Many people remain isolated for several months after moving to another city. For a tenant, renting a room for services in a private home makes it possible to overcome this difficulty.
Owners, for their part, have the opportunity to amortize the investment costs of their houses or apartments by adopting this solution.

Where can I find an accommodation in exchange of service in BERLIN ?

On ToitChezMoi, you can find the ideal ad for housing in exchange of services in Berlin.
Registration is free and you can find all accommodation in Berlin and its region, updated daily and contact the chosen one.
ToitChezMoi connects Applicants and Hosts from the Berlin region who want to try the experience of accommodation in exchange of services.

How does it work ?

A Berlin Host makes part of his apartment available to an Applicant, not in return for rent, but in exchange of services.
First, it is necessary to clearly determine the accommodation conditions and the services required in return of explicit specifications (number of weekly working hours)..

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