Melissa P.

(24 years)

Lieu de recherche Looking for a place to live in París, Francia

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My name is Melissa, I am 24 years old, from the beautiful Colombia, I am an english teacher, with a valid visa to study and work in france I have been working as a nanny in a couple of families with 3 or 2 children, I have some experience working as a teacher in a public school in colombia with groups of 6 or 8 children. I do volunteer at a children’s foundation as well, I am a humanitarian and lovely person who is looking for a place to live in france during a couple of months while I come bac to my country, I would like to create a good relationship with somebody and improve my french, and for sure help and being a support in the life of anyone who needs.

The services provided

Pets, Senior assistance, Baby-sitting / Childcare, Foreign language, Tutoring, English and Spanish lessons, some help in house keeping and fun!

Other information :

No pets, 

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