Remy L.

(28 years)

Lieu de recherche Looking for a place to live in Londres, UK

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Hello my name is Remy I am 27 years old and I come from BORDEAUX, I would like to learn English because I have always enjoyed this language. Since my childhood I dream of being able to speak English freely and moreover it becomes mandatory for my professional project I have a rather atypical career but for 3 years now I would like to become an artist that why, feeding myself with new experiences and learning English could really bring me a lot I think to stay a few months or maximum 1 years to fully immerse myself in this beautiful language I am motivated to work whatever I am asked I will do the tasks with pleasure I remain at your disposal for any questions or information , thank you for reading me and see you soon

The services provided

Pets, Transportation, Senior assistance, Shopping, Farm hand

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No pets, 

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