Ekaterina I.

(27 years)

Lieu de recherche Looking for a place to live in Paris, France

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My interests are diverse and reflect my passionate engagement in art, history, technology, and human interactions. As a gallerist and curator, I have developed a deep passion for contemporary art and organizing exhibitions. My experience at the Centre Pompidou has greatly enriched my understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art. I love discovering new forms of artistic expression and working to promote culture, which I find immensely fulfilling. With a background in history, particularly in medieval history and the history of Paris, I am passionate about studying past events and their impact on our present. I find it especially enriching to share historical anecdotes and fascinating stories about Paris, a city whose history captivates me and continues to inspire my work and personal interests. My master’s degree in Digital Humanities has allowed me to develop advanced skills in digital data management and modeling. I have a keen interest in new technologies, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and data processing, and I appreciate their application in the humanities. This blend of technology and humanistic studies is a unique area that I find both challenging and rewarding. I greatly value interactions with older adults. Intergenerational exchanges are a precious source of learning and inspiration for me. I enjoy sharing discussions about art, history, and life experiences with seniors, finding these moments particularly enriching and fulfilling. Board games, especially chess, play an important role in my leisure activities. Playing chess is not only an excellent mental exercise but also an activity that fosters conviviality and meaningful exchanges. It’s a pastime that I cherish for its strategic depth and the opportunity it provides for social interaction. I love traveling and discovering new cultures. My stays abroad, particularly in Greece, Ireland, and the Netherlands, have allowed me to meet people from diverse backgrounds and enrich my cultural and historical understanding of the world. Travel has broadened my perspective and deepened my appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience. Volunteering is also a significant part of my life. I am actively involved in teaching French to Ukrainian students. This engagement allows me to contribute positively to society and support those in need, which is very important to me. Helping others and making a difference in their lives brings me immense satisfaction and joy. In summary, my interests are varied and allow me to flourish both personally and professionally while making a positive contribution to the community. Each of these passions—art, history, technology, intergenerational exchanges, chess, travel, and volunteering—adds a unique dimension to my life, creating a rich and fulfilling tapestry of experiences.

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