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Hello there! I´m Nadia, a 21 year old girl from Denmark, who is currently starting my third gap year! For the last year I've worked at a big hospital, cleaning, cooking and some caretaking of patients, and now I've decided to embark on a journey of travel and work for a couple of months! In the last 5 years, I have been to different kinds of workplaces. I have experience in cleaning, retail experience, service and bartending. This experience has made me know my strengths and weaknesses, and I look forward to gaining even more knowledge about myself and others. I am a hard worker and I find it delightfull doing my job properly! I love meeting new people, drinking coffee and crocheting. As a person, I am very outgoing and spontaneous, and I am ready to have an experience of a lifetime, with my best friend Patricia! Greetings! My name is Patricia, I'm 22 years old, also from Denmark. I'm also currently taking my third sabbatical and during these years of freedom, I've worked various jobs; elderly care homes, restaurants, pubs and bars and also sales and communication assistant! While I've really enjoyed my time of working in Denmark, I just need to get out and explore the world, before I 'settle down', when going to university next year. I have a dream of going to a folk high school in January, so before that, I would love to travel and have the time of my life! I love being social, producing music, and would love to get more into film production! I am also keen on learning about behavioural psychology, as that is what I'm looking forward to studying in the near future. I love Neill DeGrasse-Tyson and Paul Sagan, so I love space and the learning about the cosmos and just infinitely curious about our existence in the universe!

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Housekeeping, Shopping, Cooking, Baby-sitting / Childcare, Foreign language

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