Sendila M.

(20 years)

Lieu de recherche Looking for a place to live in Strasbourg, Grand-Est, France

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I am a Mauritian, 20 years old and future language student at the University of Strasbourg. I am currently looking for intergenerational housing for the following reasons: -Find a modest rent to relieve my parents financially. -To have a human and cultural experience of sharing between generations. -So to avoid the student job so that I can devote myself fully to my studies. -Finding intergenerational housing will also allow me to adapt more quickly in this new life because I will not be alone. As far as I am concerned, I am a serious person with enough maturity to live peacefully and respectfully with seniors.

The services provided

Pets, Senior assistance, Shopping, Cooking, Baby-sitting / Childcare

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No pets, 

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