Housing in exchange for services: let’s talk about it

Le blog du Logement Contre Services

The principle of renting is to barter an amount of money (the rent) in order to acquire permission to use someone else’s home. Nowadays, however, the possibility of occupying a dwelling with the owner’s agreement without paying the rent is a trend.

Housing for services: what is it really about?

The housing against services is a category of hiring which allows any person having an apartment or house (as well an owner as a tenant) to propose the totality or a part of its housing on a purely free basis or still against a rather moderate rent in exchange for the realization of small services: gardening, cleaning, shopping, baby-sitting, school support, assistance to the elderly people…

This is an excellent alternative for all stakeholders. Indeed, owners of homes that have become too large for them (disabled or elderly people, retired people, divorced men or women, students…) can simplify their lives at a lower cost.

In addition, profiles who do not have the necessary budget for a classic rental (unemployed, students…) have the possibility of finding accommodation in exchange for a few hours of work per week.

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